Spectacular Handyman Service

Maximum Handyman offers spectacular service. All of our employees, coming in from the construction trades, are pre-screened for their amicability and friendliness. Your happiness with the work and with the handyman is paramount to us.

Reasons to Choose Maximum Handyman

  • Store managers tell corporate they won't work with anyone else.
  • Business owners call us again and again.
  • Property managers send us complete punch-out lists and small construction projects to handle, alongside their crews or in their absence.
  • Restaurants bring us in for all their work - large and small.

Be Happy with your Handyman

The money spent on repairs and maintenance for your store or business is more money that is part of your investment capital. Employees and managers will be working in the environment long after the handyman and repair crew is gone - make sure it is done properly. You should only hire a handyman service that can offer you the best quality and the best service.

Contact Us to see for yourself how spectacular the service is, and to learn about how we can help you with commercial and retail repairs and handyman services.

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