About Maximum Handyman

Maximum Handyman is a full-service handyman company operating in the Mid-Atlantic region (view our service areas).

Handyman services are available for corporate and commercial customers. Maximum Handyman excels at doing maintenance and service work for national and regional chains, whether they are retail stores, shopping malls or restaurants.

Many store managers request Maximum Handyman from their corporate office - all because of the outstanding level of service and quality.

Outstanding Service, Outstanding Quality

We maintain high standards of customer service. Every work request is handled by one of our specialized and highly-trained handyman professionals. We maintain communication throughout the job to ensure that everyone has concrete expectations for the final outcome.

A good handyman that has a large breadth of skills is hard to find. We are very careful in selecting our handyman, making sure that the have the necessary experience, and then we train them further; all to be completely sure that they can do any job well.

Learn more about our quality work and our spectacular service.

Brief History of Maximum Handyman

Maximum Handyman has been operating since 2007 in the Maryland area. Maximum Handyman initially started to fulfill a need in the community for quality handyman work by dependable people. Since then, Maximum Handyman has grown to offer commercial handyman repair services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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