Retail Stores Handyman Services

Regional chains, single stores, national retail chains (or restaurants!) that need a representative to take care of handyman repairs for the stores in the area? Let Maximum Handyman take care of your region or store! Have us fix those things that need fixing. You can put together a to-do list of work that needs to get done, request service, or have us come in and give you a total estimate on larger jobs.

We take care of odd jobs or of larger projects that you may have. Need someone to assemble your new product display? We do that too! Maximum Handyman can help you complete most projects.

Handyman Services Include:

  • Minor electrical
  • Assembly & Installation
  • Drywall repair
  • Painting
  • New tile work (or repairs)
  • Minor plumbing
  • Small construction
  • And much more! - see a more complete list of corporate repair services!

A lot of small repairs that are neglected can grow quickly into a money pit. In retail stores especially - a customer can see a hole in the drywall and walk out, never to return. It doesn't make financial sense to ignore these small problems. Let Maximum Handyman fix these issues so you can do what you do best: make money.

Call us on 443-213-5522 or contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Store Planning Audits

When planning for your new stores to open, you can help save your company money over the long run by using our new corporate store planning audits. We will come in to your model store, and review all the fixtures and other materials used in the setup and construction of the store, and then give you recommendations based on our experience. These recommendations are designed to save you time and money over the long-run, by helping you choose quality materials to use throughout your stores. Learn more about audits!

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