Service Areas

Maximum Handyman offers commercial and corporate handyman and retail services in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Corporate and Commercial Service Area

Maximum Handyman offers corporate and commercial handyman services such as maintenance and repair to most areas in the following cities and states:

  • Baltimore, Maryland (our home base!)
  • Maryland
  • Washington D.C.
  • Virginia
  • Northern New Jersey

If you have a service request, and are not sure that the store, shopping mall, restaurant or other type of location is in our serviceable area, please call us on 443-213-5522 or contact us to verify that the location is within our service area.

Handyman Services

It pays to get work done on your store or business! The alternative is a store or business that falls into disrepair and loses value.

Maintain or increase value for your store or business - call Maximum Handyman (443-213-5522) or contact us today.

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