Corporate Store Planning Audits

Has your company spent hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars lately creating new stores? Are you having trouble now with fixtures and parts breaking because of inferior quality?

At Maximum Handyman we deal with this stuff everyday. We have companies calling us from all over the country to visit stores and fix various parts of the store, from items in the dressing rooms to parts of the checkout counters.

Many of these issues could have been avoided, if the right choices were made when originally planning the store. Companies are presented with options to choose from when building or remodeling a store, and knowing what to choose can help save costly repairs later on. That is where Maximum Handyman comes in.

Avoid Problems Early!

Do the work now to avoid the problem later. An expert from Maximum Handyman will accompany you through your new stores, or through your model stores, and identify various areas that may become a problem later on. Once we identify the problem areas, you can show our expert other options for pieces that function similarly, and our experts can help you choose the product that should last the longest.

Later is Expensive

Fixing problems later gets expensive quickly! You need to replace the part, and hire the company to handle installation. Taking care of issues before they arise will help you save money over the long run.

Professional Audit Services

Bring experts from Maximum Handyman in to thoroughly audit and explore the fixtures and parts you plan to use for new stores and store resets. You will find that many choices are easily made to increase the long-term durability of the various parts of your stores.

Call Maximum Handyman (443-213-5522) or contact us today to learn more about our New Retail/Corporate Store Audit.

Maximum Handyman relies on extensive knowledge and experience to offer this service to retail store chains, department stores, and corporations. All advice and opinions offered as a part of this service are expressed with the sole purpose of leading the company towards parts and fixtures that will last a long time, thereby saving the company a lot of expenses for repairs and service calls in the future. Unfortunately, sometimes there are things that may be missed, due to no fault of Maximum Handyman, or misrepresentations by the vendor supplying the fixtures/parts may occur. Please understand that all advice and opinions given in this context are just that, opinions and advice, and there is no warranty attached to this service, express or implied. Please also understand that ultimately the decision to use any particular part or fixture is the decision of the corporation, and Maximum Handyman refuses all liability in connection with the company's choice of a particular fixture or part over another. Furthermore, Maximum Handyman disclaims all liability, except where liability is required by law, in which case, liability for Maximum Handyman shall never exceed the fees collected for this service.

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