Our Clients

Everyone likes to display a client list, showing how amazing their company is by displaying for the world to see all companies that they do business with. At Maximum Handyman, we believe it is more important to have happy clients that come again and again than a long list of famous names. We also feel that the big name companies deserve our discretion. As such, we do not publish a list of our clients anywhere.

Our Clients Include National Chains That You Shop At Every Day

The next time you walk through a typical American mall, know that we regularly service a percentage of the stores in that mall. When you are shopping at a big box store, there is a good chance we service that store as well.

Many Satisfied Clients

Maximum Handyman has many satisfied clients throughout Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland. It is time for you and your corporation to get onto our list of clients, or make a request with your service company to send our technicians for your handyman needs.

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